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Android Crash Course

One the main goals of my current client engagement was to help a team of talented developers come up to speed and become proficient with the Android platform. A key component of the approach I employed was to hold a weekly “tech talk” session that focused on basic Android topics. The topics ranged from how do views work to understanding the development tools available and were intended to fill in some of the fundamentals of the platform as the team was starting to develop the project. The scope and the depth of the sessions varied depending on the topic and the relative familiarity that the team already had with it, but ultimately they focused on building solid fundamentals.

After being asked recently by another developer for some tips on getting up to speed with Android, I thought it might be useful to aggregate and cleanup the notes I had from the tech talks with the hope that they might prove useful for someone looking for a crash course in Android development.

The outline is still very rough and definitely needs further refinement, but in the spirit of releasing early and often, I’m making it available today here and in pdf form. I’d love to get feedback or suggestions on this and how it could be more helpful so please feel free to reach out.