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Nexus 7 Quick Thoughts

A few quick initial impressions of the Nexus 7.

  1. A legitimate Android tablet has finally been released. It is the best Android tablet on the market.
  2. Jelly Bean is definitely “buttery”.
  3. Touch is very responsive in Jelly Bean. Big improvement over previous Android devices/versions.
  4. The Kindle Fire is comically bad and outdated compared to it.
  5. The build quality is ok. Doesn’t feel plastic-y like the Samsung products. Not a fan of the faux leather back.
  6. Feels like a big phone.
  7. Seems like resolution/size will require better fluidity from apps. Devs will definitely have to account for more screen real estate.
  8. Not sold on the 7” form factor but I think I’ll be in the minority.

Overall I’m pretty impressed with the Nexus 7. Seems like the software finally caught up with the hardware and, judging by the buzz around the product, the affordable price will make this a popular choice for those consumers looking for a tablet.